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Safety Tips for Children Riding Bicycles


Getting on a bike is a rite of passage for most children. At some point, the training wheels will come off, and you’ll stand on the sidewalk waving to your child’s back as he goes flying down the road. This is a scary moment, and parents naturally fear for their children’s safety. We recommend the following safety tips to keep your child safe. Please reach out to our Port St. Lucie bicycle accident lawyer if your child is hurt in an accident.

Ride a Bicycle that’s the Correct Size

Some kids ride an elder sibling’s bicycle or one donated by a friend. But a large bicycle is harder to handle. Your child is at greater risk of getting hit by a car if they are trying to maneuver a bicycle that’s too big. Find something that’s the right size for them.

Learn Turn Signals

Signaling a turn ahead of time is one of the most basic safety habits—and one that few people follow. Teach your child turn signals. Motorists will thank you!

Some parents worry that removing a hand from the handle bar will lead to collisions. However, your child should be experienced enough to remove one hand briefly, otherwise they shouldn’t be riding out on the road with traffic.

Snap on a Helmet

Helmets save lives and reduce injuries, so every child should wear a helmet. The Healthy Children website recommends that parents purchase a bicycle helmet and avoid other types of helmets, like a motorcycle helmet. Also make sure the helmet fits your child’s head properly. A helmet that’s too loose won’t offer as much protection in the event of a crash. Remember to replace the helmet if your child is in an accident and hits their head.

Parents can model good habits for their children by wearing a helmet themselves whenever out on a bicycle. Children learn more by watching their parent’s actions than by words.

Keep Your Phone in Your Pocket

Cell phones are probably the greatest distraction. Even pre-teens today seem to have phones, which means they could whip one out and start texting a friend when they are cycling down the road, oblivious to traffic. Teach your child to put their phone away while riding and to always stop if they need to send or read a message.

Limit One Child Per Bicycle

Some children like to ride on the handlebars, which is a major way for a child to be injured. Even worse, a second child on the bike will distract your child, increasing the odds both crash and suffer serious injuries.

Call Us if Your Child is Injured

Children suffer all the same injuries as adults, including fractures, road rash, shoulder injuries, and concussions. Sadly, some of these injuries can affect a child’s body more than an adult. We like to think children are resilient, but they can suffer serious physical and psychological trauma in an accident. Call Smith, Ball, Báez & Prather today to talk with one of our attorneys about whether you can seek compensation for a bike accident.




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