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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers / Jupiter Personal Injury Lawyer

Jupiter Personal Injury Lawyers

Serving Palm Beach County & the Surrounding Areas

If you or someone you care about was harmed by the negligent, reckless, or wrongful conduct of another, you may be entitled to financial compensation. At Smith, Ball, Báez & Prather, our Jupiter personal injury lawyers provide compassionate and aggressive legal representation to victims of all types of accidents and traumatic events, as well as the surviving family members of those wrongfully killed. Our attorneys bring decades of collective experience to their practice of law; we are known throughout the community for our dedication to our clients and our willingness to go to trial to secure the maximum compensation they are owed.

Injured by the negligence of another? Help is just a call away! Contact Smith, Ball, Báez & Prather online or call us at 561-500-HELP for a free consultation with an attorney at our firm.

What Types of Cases Does Smith, Ball, Báez & Prather Handle?

Founded with the goal of providing our clients with a high level of service, attention, and support, Smith, Ball, Báez & Prather handles all types of personal injury matters. Our attorneys devote 100 percent of their practice to this area of law and have years of experience representing clients in all types of complex claims.

We regularly represent individuals and families throughout Palm Beach County in cases involving:

We recognize that our clients are navigating some of the toughest, most challenging times in their lives. Our team is empathetic to what you and your family are going through, and we have the necessary resources, skills, and experience to help you fight for the justice and fair compensation you deserve.

What Types of Damages Can Be Recovered in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

When you file a personal injury claim or lawsuit, you are seeking financial compensation for damages, or losses related to your accident and/or injury.

There are two different types of damages available under Florida personal injury laws:

  • Compensatory Damages: These are specific losses for which the plaintiff (the party bringing the claim) can be compensated. They include both economic and non-economic damages, such as medical expenses, lost wages, lost earning capacity, and pain and suffering.
  • Punitive Damages: These are meant to punish the defendant (the party against whom the claim is brought) for acts of egregious negligence, willful or wanton misconduct, or intentional infliction of injury and/or harm.

Most personal injury lawsuits result in an award of compensatory damages. While punitive damages are somewhat rarer, they may be available depending on the specifics of your case.

For more information on damages, including the types of damages you may be entitled to receive and the potential overall value of your case, contact Smith, Ball, Báez & Prather for a free, no-obligation consultation.

What Is the Deadline for Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Florida?

The statute of limitations, or deadline, for filing a personal injury lawsuit in Florida is two years from the date of the injury (in most cases). Sometimes, if an injury is not/cannot be discovered right away, the statute of limitations may be tolled, or deferred, until the date on which the injury was discovered/could have been discovered. For example, if someone develops a hospital-acquired infection but does not receive a diagnosis for months, the four-year filing deadline may not begin until the date on which the person receives a diagnosis.

If you suspect that someone else may be legally responsible for the incident that led to your injuries, we encourage you to reach out to our team sooner rather than later. When you contact us, we will immediately begin investigating your case and working to identify the liable party. Our Jupiter personal injury lawyers can put together powerful evidence in support of your case and fight to recover every penny you are owed.

There Are No Fees Unless We Win Your Case

At Smith, Ball, Báez & Prather, we understand that paying for a personal injury lawyer when you are already dealing with unexpected financial challenges can seem overwhelming. However, many studies have found that people who work with attorneys tend to recover better settlements than those who try to resolve their personal injury cases themselves. Whats more, an attorney will be able to aggressively pursue your case and represent you at trial, if necessary.

We offer our legal services on a contingency fee basis, which means you do not pay any upfront attorney fees or out-of-pocket litigation expenses when you work with our team. Instead, we collect reimbursement for our services only at the successful conclusion of your case. At this time, our attorney fees are paid via a percentage of your settlement or verdict. In other words, if we do not recover compensation on your behalf, you do not pay.

Learn more, including how our Jupiter personal injury lawyers can help you get back on your feet, by calling 561-500-HELP or by contacting us online.