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How to Avoid Work Zone Accidents


Construction zones are magnets for car accidents. Packing so many cars together in a tight space means there is no room for driver error. Unsurprisingly, hundreds of people are injured every year in construction zone collisions, and you might qualify for compensation if you call our Boca Raton car accident lawyer to review your case.

How Serious Are Work Zone Accidents?

According to the Florida Department of Transportation, there were over 53,000 work zone crashes between 2017 and 2021, which resulted in almost 2,000 serious injuries and 356 fatalities. That works out to around 10,000 accidents a year, with about 400 serious bodily injuries.

It’s not surprising that these accidents are so dangerous. Work zones are very congested because they operate as a bottleneck, slowing down traffic and typically closing one or more lanes. There is literally nowhere to go except forward—and there’s usually a car only a foot or less up ahead. Even worse, texting and other distractions increase the chances of a crash in such tight spaces, and few motorists can put down the phone.

The most common work zone accidents include:

  • Rear-end collisions. Cars rarely leave as much space as necessary in a work zone. Consequently, rear-end collisions happen when a car up ahead hits the brakes unexpectedly.
  • Multi-car pileups. A single accident can set off a chain reaction, involving dozens of vehicles and serious injuries.
  • Pedestrians struck in accidents. Construction workers are at risk of getting struck by a car in the work zone.

How to Minimize the Risks

Motorists have a duty to drive safely and reduce the possibility of a crash. We recommend the following steps:

  • Slow down. Reducing your speed will give you more time to avoid hitting workers and other vehicles. Speeding in a construction zone will also result in increased fines if the police stop you.
  • Hang back. Remember to still allow at least a two-second cushion in a work zone. Many people assume they can tailgate because cars are going slower, but you need adequate space to come to a stop.
  • Be alert. All sorts of vehicles are moving in and out of construction zones, as well as construction workers jumping into traffic. Always keep your eyes peeled.
  • Hang up. You shouldn’t be on your phone while passing through a work zone—or at any time else, for that matter.

Seeking Compensation Following a Wreck

If you were injured in a construction zone, you might be able to sue for compensation. Typically, a negligent driver is to blame for the crash. But the government or a construction company might also bear liability if the zone was set up improperly.

For example, motorists might not have received any warning that they were approaching a construction zone, or the zone could be set up improperly. Some drivers strike a barrier first, before careening into another car.

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