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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers / Blog / Firm News / Pedestrian Accident News Roundup: October 7 Edition

Pedestrian Accident News Roundup: October 7 Edition

To say that South Florida is a dangerous place for pedestrians is an understatement.  To say that the chances of sustaining serious injuries are high if you get hit by a car while walking is an even bigger understatement.  Accidents, where a car strikes a pedestrian, are a major cause of fatalities and serious injuries, especially in South Florida.  It seems as though every week brings a new story in the news about a person who was killed or seriously injured when a car struck them while they were crossing a street or walking on a sidewalk.  Justice for injured pedestrians is possible, though.  If you were injured as a pedestrian in a car accident, contact a Palm Beach County car accident injury lawyer.

Pedestrian Car Accidents in Palm Beach County

In the past few weeks, South Florida news outlets have reported the following accidents in which cars struck pedestrians:

  • In September, John Cicalo, 50, and Julie Kerns, 39, were walking on the shoulder of Mahogany Road just outside of Bunnell. Richard Schulz, 58, struck the two pedestrians with his 2016 Chevy pickup truck as they approached the intersection of Forest Park Street.  Cicalo was killed, and Kerns was taken to the hospital with serious injuries.
  • Also in September, Melissa Krupp, 24, was crossing Military Trail at the intersection of Northlake Boulevard in Palm Beach Gardens, when a tractor-trailer struck her, leaving her critically injured. Although she was crossing at a crosswalk, it appears that the crosswalk signals were not working properly.  Kevin Dalton, who owns a gas station near the site of the accident, said that crosswalk signal malfunctions are a major problem in Palm Beach Gardens.  He says that construction in the area has created serious hazards for drivers and pedestrians, both because of crosswalk problems and because of closed sidewalks. He has made his gas station’s security cameras face the street because he considers car accidents a bigger threat than robberies; his cameras’ footage could be important evidence in Krupp’s case.
  • Allen Narcisse, 21, of Loxahatchee was crossing State Road 9 near Palm City on foot when he was struck by a car and killed. He had run across several lanes of traffic when Alexandra Maxwell, 20, hit him with her 2006 Volkswagen.  The collision caused him to fall on the hood of Maxwell’s car and then onto the road.  Florida Highway Patrol closed down the road for four hours as a result of the accident.  Traffic stalled for miles, and at least three other accidents, all of them minor, occurred as a result of the traffic jam.

Let Us Help You Today

Collisions between a car and a pedestrian are a sobering reminder of how fragile the human body is.  Recovering physically from such an accident is hard enough, but the financial impact can have even longer-lasting consequences.  A personal injury lawyer can help you recover compensation.  Contact Palm Beach Gardens car accident attorneys at Smith, Ball, Báez & Prather Injury Lawyers for a consultation.

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