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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers / Blog / Firm News / Palm Beach County Truck Accident News Roundup June 19

Palm Beach County Truck Accident News Roundup June 19

Driving on I-95 in South Florida can be terrifying for the uninitiated.  Anyone who thinks that South Florida is one of the easiest places in the United States to drive because of the flat terrain and the abundance of spacious parking lots has never seen the madness of Palm Beach County’s major roads.  18-wheeler trucks are just one of the hazards of the road in Palm Beach County, but even a minor mistake on the part of a truck driver can cause huge amounts of damage.  Several accidents that occurred recently on I-95 and other major roads in South Florida could lead to truck accident lawsuits.

Beware of Trucks on I-95

In recent weeks, the part of I-95 that passes through Palm Beach County has witnessed several major truck accidents.

  • On June 14, three semi-trucks collided on I-95 in Lake Worth, just south of 6th Avenue South. The accident caused six northbound lanes of I-95 to close for several hours.  There were injuries, but news outlets did not report the number of injuries.

  • On May 30, Mark Alan Crockett of Keystone Heights died in a truck accident on I-95 in Boynton Beach. Crockett was driving a semi-truck when it rear-ended the truck in front of it, which then collided with a third truck.  The drivers of the other two trucks, Miguel Colon of Miami and Julio Ortiz of Davie suffered minor injuries.  The fire from the crash caused the three trucks to melt together and damaged the road so badly that the pavement on several lanes of I-95 in that area will need to be replaced.

  • A 77-year-old woman from Boynton Beach was driving a 2017 Hyundai on an exit ramp from northbound I-95 in Hobe Sound when she turned left in front of a truck driven by Joshua Donley. The crash caused both vehicles to swerve into a nearby grassy area.  The woman died at Cleveland Clinic Martin South Hospital shortly after the accident.  Paula Deangelis, who was a passenger in the Hyundai, received treatment for minor injuries.

  • Sylvia Guifaro was driving her PT Cruiser northbound on Military Trail in Delray Beach when her car drifted across the median and collided with a Palm Beach County Fire Rescue vehicle traveling south. The collision caused the ambulance to overturn. Guifaro was pronounced dead shortly after the accident, but all the occupants of the ambulance survived, including the patient it had been transporting to the hospital at the time of the accident.

The above stories show that no matter who caused the accident, the people in the smaller vehicles were at the greatest risk when they collided with the trucks.

Contact Our Office Today for Help

If you have been injured in an accident with a truck, you might have grounds for a lawsuit.  A personal injury lawyer may be able to help you recover monetary compensation for your injuries.  You should contact Palm Beach Gardens truck accident attorneys at Smith, Ball, Báez & Prather Injury Lawyers for a consultation.

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