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Patients in Florida are entirely dependent on their physicians for every aspect of their healthcare. As a result, much like lawyers and accountants, doctors have a fiduciary duty toward their patients. They must set aside all other priorities, including making money, and only do what is best for their patients, regardless of the cost.

Most doctors work for large healthcare conglomerates which, in many cases, have their priorities reversed. These organizations care a lot about making money, and care almost nothing about individual patients.

When things go sideways at the doctor’s office, the physician group has a posse of lawyers working hard to protect its interests. So, you need an equally hard-working Boynton Beach medical malpractice lawyer from Smith, Ball & Báez on your side.

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Prompt and proper diagnosis is usually the key to successful treatment of any condition, especially a medical condition. If that keystone is missing, the patient’s prognosis is generally dim.

Today’s doctor’s offices have more diagnostic machines, and more accurate diagnostic machines, than ever before. Unfortunately, many doctors do not run a full battery of tests, mostly because they are afraid the insurance company will not pay for them. As a result, they too often “go with their guts” in diagnosis matters.

As a result of this reckless attitude and the lack of information, the misdiagnosis rate is about 20 percent in illnesses like:

  • Cancer
  • Heart disease
  • Head injuries
  • Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia

In high school, an 80% accuracy rate is a passing grade. But in this context, because of the higher duty of care, 80% is a failing grade.

Surgical Mistakes

In busy operating rooms, mistakes like leaving a surgical tool inside a patient’s body or even operating on the wrong part of the body are not unheard of. Simple steps, like a quick chart review and a pre-closing instrument count, could eliminate these mistakes. But these steps take time, and to the accountants who dictate doctors’ workloads, time is money.

Anesthesiologist mistakes are too common as well. Some anesthesiologists do not run comprehensive patient history checks, so the patient has an allergic reaction. Other doctors administer slightly too much medicine or not quite enough. If that happens, the patient might not wake up or might wake up in the middle of a nightmare. Still other anesthesiologists do not accompany patients to the operating room, so if things go sideways, there is no immediate help available.

Birth Injuries

Shoulder dystocia is by far the leading cause of birth injuries. If the baby is too large to drift down the mother’s birth canal, cerebral palsy could develop in less than five minutes.

Since the clock is ticking, some doctors rely on outdated mechanical aids, such as:

  • Surgical forceps,
  • Vacuum extractors, and
  • Episiotomies.

These interventions could seriously and permanently injure both mothers and babies. Once again, a simple step, like a call for help, could eliminate this problem. But many doctors are unwilling to take that step.

Smith, Ball & Báez Is Here to Help

Doctors have a high duty of care, and the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

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