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Palm Beach County Car Accident News Roundup June 30

Palm Beach County has the highest per capita income of all the counties in Florida, but behind its luxuries lurk many hazards.  The roads are great for driving fast, but it is obvious how dangerous that is.  The Florida Turnpike in Palm Beach County is one of the most comfortable ways to take a road trip, but beware of walking alongside a major road like the Turnpike.  The canals and other waterways of Palm Beach County are lovely to behold, but they also bring a whole host of hazards, not least among them alligators.  Some of the recent car accidents in Palm Beach appear to be freak accidents, but some could be attributed to negligence on the part of one of the drivers, or even product liability in the form of a poorly manufactured car.  If you have been injured in a car accident and want to know the legal implications of the circumstances of your accident, contact a Palm Beach car accident injury lawyer.

Recent Traffic Fatalities in Palm Beach County

Several fatal car accidents in Palm Beach County have made headlines recently.

  • On the evening of June 12, Jordan Henry, 23, was driving north on Lyons Road near Boca Raton. As he was changing lanes, a pickup truck that was speeding collided with his car, causing Henry’s vehicle to spin and then run off the side of the road and crash into a light pole.  Henry died shortly after the accident.

  • Joseph Johnson of the Seminole Police Department was killed in a single vehicle accident on May 29. Johnson, a Vietnam War veteran, was driving on North U.S> Highway 27, when he lost control of his car at a curve in the road.  His car spun off the road into an area of vegetation and rough terrain.  It lost its front passenger side wheel and flipped over, landing upside down in a canal.  Johnson had had a long career in Florida law enforcement; he had worked in Collier County and Hendry County before taking a job in Palm Beach County.

  • George Kasprzyk, 61, of Palm Beach Gardens, was walking near mile marker 111 of the Florida Turnpike on the morning of June 10 when a dump truck struck him and fatally injured him. The investigation of the accident remains ongoing; an official cause of the accident has not been published, nor have the results of Kasprzyk’s blood alcohol content test.

From the perspective of personal injury law, when a vehicle hits a pedestrian, it often amounts to negligence on the part of the driver; drivers have a duty of care to avoid hitting pedestrians, even drunk pedestrians.  The driver of the pickup truck in the first accident is unidentified, so the accident may have been a hit and run, in which case a wrongful death lawsuit could be the least of the driver’s worries.  Every accident has a unique story, and deciding what all its details mean is an important part of car accident lawsuits.

Let Us Help You Today

A trustworthy personal injury lawyer may be able to help you recover damages after a car accident.  If you have suffered a serious injury, contact Palm Beach Gardens car accident lawyers at Smith, Ball, Báez & Prather Injury Lawyers for a consultation to see if you have grounds for a lawsuit.

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