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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers / Port St. Lucie School Accident Lawyer

Port St. Lucie School Accident Lawyer

Children spend more than a thousand hours at school each year, so if a child is going to get into an accident, it’ll probably be at school. Nonetheless, many parents are shocked to receive a call from the school reporting that their child is at the hospital after an accident at school. They have many questions, and they want answers about why the school failed to protect their loved one.

Smith, Ball & Báez can help you get answers. We are an experienced law firm whose Port St Lucie school accident lawyers have helped many children and their families seek compensation from school districts for preventable accidents. Contact us to speak confidentially about your case.

How Children Are Injured at School

Children face many hazards at school. A short list would include:

  • Defective premises. Some buildings are in disrepair or not maintained as well as they should be. Your child could slip and fall, be injured on the playground, or inhale toxic chemicals.
  • Assault. Another student could assault your child because of a lack of supervision.
  • Sexual assault. A teacher or another student could sexually assault your child at school or while on a school trip.
  • Sports injury. Your child could be injured due to defective equipment or a hazardous playing field. Other injuries stem from a failure to enforce the rules during competition, such as prohibition on physical tackles.

Violent attacks like school shootings are rare, even if they make the news. However, children face many other hazards that injure thousands of them each year.

Suing a school district isn’t as straightforward as suing a private business. If your child was injured in a public school, then you are essentially suing the state, which has immunity in many cases. To sue, you must first file a notice of claim—and act quickly. You have a short deadline, sometimes as short as 60 days from the date of the accident. Our lawyers can step in and protect your rights by filing a notice in a timely manner.

Another issue involves waivers. The school might require that you sign a waiver releasing them from liability if your child is injured on a trip. These waivers aren’t always valid, though. Let a lawyer review all the facts before you decide you don’t have a case.

Injuries often affect children differently than adults. Your child could suffer more severe emotional distress, which we will seek compensation for. We can also help you negotiate a settlement with a school district, which requires special procedures when children are victims.

We Can Help Adults Too

Children are not the only ones injured at school. Adults can also be hurt while working as teachers and staff members, or while visiting the school to attend a sporting event. For example, you could get injured on the bleachers while watching a football or basketball game. Schools owe a duty of care whenever they open their doors to the public, and they are liable when hazards on the premises injure people, including visitors.

Call Smith, Ball & Báez today. Our Port St. Lucie school accident lawyer will review the facts of your case and help you decide on whether to sue.