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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers / Port St. Lucie Hit & Run Lawyer

Port St. Lucie Hit & Run Lawyer

If you think hit and run accidents have increased recently, you are not alone. Florida law clearly requires that motorists involved in a collision stop their car and render assistance to anyone who is hurt. This is not only the moral thing to do, it’s the law. Unfortunately, more motorists than ever are speeding away from the scene of the accident, and badly injured motorists and pedestrians are left to fend for themselves. Fleeing the scene of a crash is an outrage, but it happens all the time. If you were hurt in this type of crash, our Port St. Lucie hit & run lawyer can probably help. Please contact Smith, Ball & Báez today for more information.

How to Receive Compensation for a Hit & Run

Many victims call our firm with one question: can I receive compensation following a hit and run? It’s a good question. These collisions often cause extensive damage which is ruinous. Many motorists suffer serious physical injuries, emotional distress, and damage to their vehicle. Some of them cannot work due to their physical pain, which means they lose out on income as bills pile up on the kitchen table.

In the normal car accident, you would swap insurance information with the driver who struck you. Then you would call and begin a car accident claim. Unfortunately, because the motorist has fled, you have no idea who to call.

Helpfully, a hit-and-run victim might have certain insurance policies that will pay compensation for a hit and run, such as:

  • PIP insurance. All motorists should have at least $10,000 in personal injury protection benefits. These no-fault benefits can cover a hit and run and will compensate for medical care and lost income up to the policy limit.
  • Uninsured motorist coverage. This insurance can cover a hit and run crash. You pay the premiums, but it is fault-based. You can only make a claim if the fleeing driver was to blame for the collision.
  • Collision coverage. Many motorists have collision coverage if they have a car loan. This insurance is no fault and can pay to fix car damage.

You might also be able to sue the fleeing driver if the police can find him. Critically, you should call the police soon after the crash to report the collision. Also report any details about the car and/or the driver. The police can then track this person down.

If the driver is found, we can assist with filing an insurance claim or even a personal injury lawsuit. No one should flee the scene and avoid responsibility. Let us hold this driver accountable for your injuries.

Contact Us to Get Started

People flee accidents for all sorts of reasons, including chemical impairment or a lack of insurance. Nobody who suffers injuries should be forced to suffer financially due to the wanton conduct of a fleeing motorist.

To begin your case, please contact us today to talk with a Port St. Lucie hit & run lawyer in a free consultation.