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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers / Port St. Lucie Child Injury Lawyer

Port St. Lucie Child Injury Lawyer

Parents spend hours worrying about their children’s safety, so any injury to your child is terrifying. Children confront many hazards at school or at home, which can cause serious injuries to developing bodies. At the law firm Smith, Ball, Báez & Prather, we understand how distressing it is to see your child in pain. Helpfully, you might have a legal right to compensation, but there are many hurdles awaiting parents. Call us to speak with a Port St. Lucie child injury lawyer today about your child’s injury and whether you can sue.

Where Children Are Injured

A child can be hurt anywhere, including:

  • School
  • Playgrounds
  • Public parks
  • Grocery stores
  • The house of a friend
  • In your own home

Many injuries are caused by dangerous conditions or items. For example, a heavy bookcase or chest of drawers could tip over and land on a young child, causing serious traumatic injuries. These products are often unstable because of a design defect which leads to safety recalls.

Other children are injured when the premises are not maintained. For example, a child could get hurt on a jungle gym that is in disrepair or slip on a loose tile or on worn carpets.

Children can also be injured when adults fail to supervise. For example, a child in daycare or school could be attacked by another child, or lax supervision allows the child to wander away from the property. Parents should hold adults accountable for a failure to watch their children.

Why Child Injury Cases Are Complicated

The laws that apply to child injuries are often different from those for adults. You need an attorney who understands the differences so that you and your family are protected.

For example, children can sometimes sue when an adult can’t. If your child was trespassing when they were hurt on someone’s property, they might have a legal claim. An adult trespasser rarely does. But a property owner must keep the premises safe for a child drawn to the property by an attractive nuisance, like a pool or hot tub.

A different statute of limitations often applies to children. Because children can’t file their own lawsuits, they usually get more time to file. The laws regarding deadlines are very complex, so reach out to a lawyer quickly to make sure you protect your rights.

Judges also supervise many personal injury settlements, which might require judicial approval. A child cannot form a contract, which means they can’t agree to settle a legal dispute. And Florida doesn’t assume parents will get the best settlement possible for their children, which is why judges exercise supervisory powers. When choosing a lawyer, make sure to find someone who understands the process for settling your child’s injury claim.

Call Smith, Ball & Báez Today

We have worked closely with many parents to make sure they obtain favorable compensation for their child’s injuries. Many injuries cause long-lasting injuries, and you need to make sure you receive enough to cover medical care, including future care. Give our firm a call to speak with a Port St. Lucie child injury lawyer.