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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers / Port St. Lucie Back Injury Lawyer

Port St. Lucie Back Injury Lawyer

At Smith, Ball & Báez, we help people whose back injuries leave them in pain and in distress after an accident. This is one of the worst injuries a person can suffer. A painful back injury not only interrupts sleep but makes it much harder to remain seated or standing, so many of our clients cannot work. They have intense financial pressures and need experienced legal guidance.

Contact us to speak with one of our Port St. Lucie back injury lawyers. We can provide an overview of the types of compensation you might be eligible for, as well as what steps to take.

The Most Common Back Injuries

Our clients can injure their backs in all sorts of accidents, including slip and falls, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, and violent attacks caused by negligent security. You might immediately feel pain in your back due to:

  • Sprain. Ligaments connect bones to each other, and you can stretch or tear them in an accident, which leads to swelling and pain. A back sprain is a common injury when the back is “wrenched” violently.
  • Strain. You can strain a muscle or a tendon, which connects muscle to bone. A back strain is usually as painful as a back sprain.
  • Herniated disc. We have rubbery pads in between vertebrae to provide cushion, but a violent accident can tear or displace these pads. The damaged disc can press against a nerve, causing constant pain, as well as tingling or numbness in your legs and feet.
  • Spinal column injury. The column protects the spinal cord which runs through the center. Nerve roots branch off of the spinal cord and pass through openings in the column. Many accidents end up narrowing the column and pressing on nerves. Victims might also suffer from osteoarthritis, which is a degenerative condition.
  • Spinal cord injury. Any damage to the cord can result in problems with movement and sensation, culminating in the most serious injury: paralysis.

The treatment you receive will depend on your injury. Strains, sprains, and some herniated discs only need conservative treatment, like pain management, anti-inflammatories, and physical therapy. More serious injuries involving the spinal cord or column probably require one or more surgeries.

Any back injury could prevent you from working a job, so you should meet with a lawyer to review the possibility of compensation. We can also help you secure helpful evidence. If a motorist struck you while out walking, we can find proof that the driver is to blame. Typically, they make a critical error behind the wheel which sends you to the hospital, and they should have to pay compensation in those situations.

Legal Representation for You Back Injury

Many of our clients have large medical bills, especially if they need surgery and days in hospital to recover. Other expenses include lost income and benefits. Please call us as soon as possible for assistance. We do everything possible to help our clients obtain favorable compensation. A consultation with a Port St. Lucie back injury lawyer is only a phone call away.