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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers / Port St. Lucie Aviation Accident Lawyer

Port St. Lucie Aviation Accidents Lawyer

Once upon a time, fatal accidents involving jetliners happened every few months. Hundreds of people would die as large planes crashed into a river or fell from the sky. Fortunately, aviation safety has improved enormously over the past 20 years, especially for major airlines, and fatal crashes involving commercial airlines are much rarer. Still, fatal accidents involving charter planes and smaller aircraft regularly occur, and anyone can suffer a non-fatal injury even on the biggest jumbo jet.

At Smith, Ball & Báez, we work closely with our clients to fully understand their injuries. Then we leverage our decades of experience in aviation law to help them get the compensation they need to cover medical care and other bills. Contact us today to speak with our Port St. Lucie aviation accidents lawyer about your case.

Helping Those Injured by Pilot Error & Dangerous Planes

Aviation accidents involve any aircraft, including airplanes, crop dusters, helicopters, and rotorcraft. If you are injured while up in the air or when the craft lands, you could have an aviation accident claim.

Most aviation accidents involve some pilot error, typically:

  • Excessive landing speed
  • Mistakes with navigation
  • Overrunning runways
  • Flying into turbulence
  • Failing to properly read instruments
  • Neglecting to refuel

Other accidents stem from a technical or mechanical problem with the aircraft. This could be something as minor as having trash in the aisle, which a person slips on when going to the bathroom. Or it could be a major defect which makes the aircraft unmanageable.

You need a seasoned advocate to carefully review the factual record. Many aviation accidents are investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board. They will publish a report highlighting the reasons for the accident. However, accidents involving smaller aircraft might not be studied, so it is up to your legal team to perform the necessary legwork.

We can sue any party responsible for the accident and your injuries, including:

  • Pilots who are negligent or reckless
  • Airlines which employ the pilot
  • Aircraft owners, who might have performed substandard maintenance on the craft
  • Airplane manufacturers for design or manufacturing defects that compromise safety
  • Aviation accidents are so complicated because many different things can go wrong. And in some collisions the aircraft is damaged.

Also, different laws can come into play. Airplanes often transport people across state and national lines, and passengers could come from different states and even countries. Many questions involve which law applies to the case and how to gain access to necessary evidence. For example, you might have been injured on a plane which is owned by a company in France. Important evidence is probably across the ocean, such as maintenance records.

Our Experienced Aviation Lawyers

This is one area of law where hiring an experienced legal team is to your benefit. Large airlines will employ aggressive armies of lawyers to defend them. Some of the biggest Florida law firms represent these companies, and you don’t want to be outnumbered.

Call Smith, Ball & Baez today. Our Port St. Lucie aviation accidents lawyer can meet to provide important information about your legal right to compensation.