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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers / Palm Beach Gardens Elevator Accident Lawyer

Palm Beach Gardens Elevator Accident Lawyer

Elevators are found in a number of different types of buildings throughout Palm Beach Gardens and the rest of Florida. Airports, malls, hospitals, apartment buildings, hotels, and department stores are just a few of these. While elevators are very convenient, particularly in buildings that have many floors, they do not come without their own risks. According to the federal government, approximately 27 people are involved in fatal elevator accidents every year and another 11,000 are hurt.

If you have suffered injuries during an elevator accident, you can file a claim to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and more. Below, our Palm Beach Gardens elevator accident lawyer explains how these accidents happen and which parties may be liable.

What Causes Elevator Accidents?

When you hop onto an elevator, you never expect that something will happen that will result in serious injuries. Unfortunately, there are many factors that can cause an elevator accident. The most common of these are as follows:

  • The elevator drops or speeds up suddenly
  • The elevator stops suddenly when arriving at a floor
  • The elevator becomes stuck between floors
  • The doors of the elevator fail to open or close when expected
  • The doors of the elevator close while a passenger is embarking or disembarking
  • The floor of the elevator is not level with the floor of the building, causing people to trip when they are exiting or entering the elevator

Regardless of what causes an elevator accident, they can result in some of the most serious injuries. A trip and fall can result in a traumatic brain injury, while an elevator that suddenly drops at excessive speeds can even result in wrongful death. Through a personal injury claim, you can recover compensation for any loss you sustained as a result of the accident.

Who is Liable for an Elevator Accident?

There are several parties who could be potentially liable for an elevator accident. They include:

  • Manufacturers: Manufacturers have a responsibility to make sure that anything they create is safe and free of flaws and defects. When manufacturers of elevators or elevator parts neglect to fulfill this duty and people become hurt, they can be held liable for paying full damages.
  • Service companies: Any entity that is responsible for inspecting or maintaining an elevator has a responsibility to make sure they perform their job properly. When they fail to do so, they can be held liable for any injuries that result.
  • Property owners: Property owners must make sure their premises are safe for people to enter. If they allow negligent conditions on a property, including unsafe elevators, they can be held liable.

Our Elevator Accident Lawyer in Palm Beach Gardens Can Determine Who is Liable for Your Injuries

At Smith, Ball, Baez & Prather, our Palm Beach Gardens elevator accident lawyer can determine who is liable for paying the compensation you deserve so you can focus on making a full recovery. Call or text us now at 561-500-HELP or reach out to us online to schedule a free review of your case with one of our skilled attorneys.