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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers / Naples Truck Accident Lawyer

Naples Truck Accidents Lawyer

Truck accidents are amongst the most dangerous types of vehicle collisions in which a person can be involved. Unfortunately, these kinds of accidents are occurring at an increasingly high rate. In fact, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) estimates that there are approximately 450,000 police-reported truck accidents every year, 344,000 of which will result in an injury. The injuries sustained in these accidents are almost always serious, having especially devastating consequences for the occupants of smaller vehicles, who are forced to struggle with mounting medical debt and painful rehabilitation. For these reasons, it is especially important for those who have been injured in these kinds of collisions, to contact an experienced Naples truck accident lawyer who can help them seek compensation for their losses.

Common Truck Accident Causes

Truck accidents, like any type of collision in which vehicles are involved, have a number of potential causes. Most, however, can be attributed to:

  • Truck driver fatigue resulting from a failure to comply with federal hours of service regulations;
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • Speeding, swerving, tailgating, or otherwise driving aggressively;
  • Tire blow-outs resulting from a lack of maintenance;
  • Mechanical failure caused by defect; and
  • Cargo spills resulting from the use of improper loading procedures or excessive vehicle weight.

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Liable Parties

Who can be held liable for a truck accident varies. It is not uncommon, however, for there to be multiple at-fault parties in truck accident cases, including:

  • The truck driver if his or her negligence contributed to or caused the accident;
  • The trucking company if it did not enforce federal regulations, such as hours of service rules, failed to conduct regular inspections and maintenance, or engaged in negligent hiring and training practices;
  • A vehicle part manufacturer, if a crash can be attributed to a defect;
  • The manufacturer of the cargo being transported if the company did not warn the driver of its hazardous nature or specific loading requirements;
  • A mechanic or employee who didnt conduct a careful inspection of the truck or who failed to use reasonable care in making repairs;
  • A municipality or third party contractor if an accident was deemed to be the result of improper road maintenance, poor road design, or defective traffic lights; or
  • Another driver, whose negligence caused or contributed to the accident.

While it is possible that one of these parties could be held liable for the entirety of a collision, it is much more likely that more than one entity or individual will be found responsible for a truck accident. If, for instance, a truck driver fell asleep at the wheel, causing a crash, he or she could be required to compensate the victims for a portion of the resulting damages, while the trucking company could also be found partially responsible for the accident if there is evidence that it forced its drivers to meet unreasonable deadlines or did not take steps to ensure that its drivers complied with federal break times.

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