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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers / Naples Product Liability Lawyer

Naples Product Liability Lawyer

Most of us use consumer products on a daily basis and most of the time, these products work as intended. It is also not uncommon, however, for consumer products to malfunction and cause serious injuries, whether as a result of a design mistake, production error, or the use of inadequate safety labels. When this occurs, injured parties are often able to recover monetary compensation from the at-fault manufacturer, distributor, or retail store responsible, although doing so can be difficult without legal representation, so if you or a loved one were recently injured while using a consumer product, it is critical to contact an experienced Naples product liability lawyer who can help protect your interests.

Design Defects

Manufacturers can be held liable by consumers for products suffering from one of three different types of defects. The first is known as a design defect and occurs when a product, despite being made to specifications, proves dangerous to users. In these cases, it is the design itself that can be said to have made a product unreasonably dangerous to users. For this reason, design defects tend to show up across a product line, rather than just in a single item. While this means that more people could face potential injury from the product, it also means that injured parties often have stronger and more convincing proof that the design was inherently defective and not merely an anomaly.

Manufacturing Defects

Even though a products initial design might be safe, it could still prove defective if it was manufactured improperly. This is known as a manufacturing defect and occurs when a product was not made in accordance with a design. These defects almost always occur at the production stage of the manufacturing process and are the result of faulty parts or improper assembly. Dangerous medications are often found to suffer from these types of defects, as they are more likely to become contaminated during the manufacturing process, which can make a product whose design is solid, extremely dangerous for consumers.

Marketing Defects

Many products must be used in a certain way in order to be safe for consumers, so when one of these types of products doesnt come with proper warnings or safety instructions, it could result in serious injuries. Known as marketing defects, manufacturers can be held liable for these types of mistakes if the injured party can prove that:

  • The product could foreseeably cause harm;
  • The products dangers would have been eliminated or reduced by providing warnings and instructions; and
  • The failure to use proper warnings made the product unreasonably dangerous for users.

Many manufacturing defect cases involve toys with small component parts that are dangerous for children, as they represent a choking hazard. Companies that manufacture these types of products and fail to properly label them could be held liable for that omission.

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