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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers / Blog / Personal Injury / Is My Storm-Related Vehicle Damage Covered Under My Auto Insurance?

Is My Storm-Related Vehicle Damage Covered Under My Auto Insurance?

As the recovery efforts from Hurricane Ian are underway, many Florida residents are left wondering whether their auto insurance policy will cover storm-related damage to their vehicles. The answer depends on the type of auto insurance policy purchased for the vehicle.

Florida Insurance Requirements

Per Florida Statute 324.022 and 627.736, every vehicle with a current Florida registration is required by law to be insured under two types of policies: Personal Injury Protection (which helps cover expenses like medical bills and lost wages after a car accident) and Property Damage (which covers damage to property of others). Neither of these policies covers damage to your own vehicle.

However, there are additional policies that many Florida residents elect to purchase through their auto insurance carrier that would cover damage to their own vehicle. Examples of these policies include Comprehensive coverage and Collision coverage.

Collision v. Comprehensive Coverage

Collision insurance covers damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident involving another vehicle or a fixed object. Other examples where collision insurance may be used include vehicle rollovers and damage caused by road debris.

Comprehensive insurance covers damage caused by events such as theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. A comprehensive insurance policy is what would cover vehicle owners in the event their vehicle sustains damage due to a hurricane or other storm-related causes.


Ultimately, whether your auto insurance covers damage to your vehicle as a result of a hurricane depends on the existing policy at the time of the damage, specifically whether the policy includes comprehensive coverage. If unsure whether your auto insurance applies, file a claim with your auto insurance carrier and request a copy of your policy.

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