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How to Determine Fault?

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Video Transcript

Do you know exactly what to look for if you are injured in an automobile accident? How to determine fault?

Probably not. But South Florida Personal Injury Attorney Scott Smith does. That’s why you want him on your side.

Most of us assume, if we’re involved in a crash, we have only a few options for recovery: The at-fault driver, perhaps the owner of the vehicle, and as a last resort, your own insurance policy, but there are other external factors to consider: We always look to see if there is any potential product liability case against the manufacturer of the motor vehicle the tires on the vehicle or any other component of the vehicle to see if in fact there is a defective product that caused or contributed to your injuries.

If you’re hurt in an auto accident, don’t try to go it alone. Call South Florida Personal Injury Attorney Scott Smith.

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