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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers / Boca Raton Work Injury Lawyer

Boca Raton Work Injury Lawyer

Today, employers don’t just compete with companies across town for the same job. They must also compete with companies from across the globe. In this competitive environment, they feel the need to trim costs as much as possible. A few dollars either way is often the difference between profit and loss. To reduce costs, companies often take shortcuts. These shortcuts are legally permissible, as long as they don’t endanger worker safety or violate other laws.

In contrast, the compassionate Boca Raton work injury lawyers at Smith, Ball & Báez never put profits before people. We understand the intense pain and suffering, both financial and nonfinancial, these injuries cause. So, we carefully evaluate your case and determine your legal options, as outlined below. Then after we’ve planned our work, we work our plan. This simple and straightforward approach usually produces results that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Workers’ Compensation

Back in the day, no-fault workers’ compensation insurance policies quickly replaced lost wages, paid medical bills, and otherwise helped injured workers quickly get back on the job. Now, things are different. Insurance company interests dominate the early part of the process. As a result, most Claims Examiners deny most claims, at least in part, in the hopes that the victims will abandon those claims or settle them for pennies on the dollar.

Alas, this strategy often works, especially if the victim doesn’t have a Boca Raton work injury lawyer. Quite simply, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel for these victims, at least in most cases.

Victims with lawyers get much better results. Medical bill payment is a good example. Generally, insurance adjusters only approve the cheapest possible treatment. That option usually doesn’t lead to a complete medical recovery. An attorney works to ensure that the victim’s doctor, not an insurance company, determines what’s reasonably necessary.

If the insurance company drags its feet in this area and refuses to promptly pay these bills, as is often the case, a Boca Raton work injury lawyer connects victims with doctors who charge nothing upfront for their services. As a result, victims get the treatment they need. They don’t have to settle for the treatment they can afford.

Suing Outside the System (Nonsubscriber Claims)

Uninsured employers and defective product-related injuries are the two most common kinds of nonsubscriber cases in Florida.

Once again to cut costs, this time by lowering their insurance premiums, some bosses lie on official forms, usually about payroll size. Insurance companies typically refuse to cover claims if there’s evidence of fraud.

In these situations, a victim may sue for damages in civil court. If the victim proves negligence, or a lack of care, compensation is available. It’s easier to prove negligence in these situations. To punish them for disobeying state law, these employers cannot use some of the best negligence defenses in these cases.

Companies that design, manufacture, and/or distribute defective products are strictly liable for the injuries those defective products cause. These companies cannot hide behind a workers’ compensation law and avoid facing the music. Substantial compensation, including additional punitive damages, is often available in these cases.

Reach Out to an Assertive Palm Beach County Workplace Injury Lawyer

Injury victims are entitled to significant compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced work injury lawyer in Boca Raton, contact Smith, Ball, Baez & Prather, Florida Injury Lawyers. We do not charge upfront legal fees in these matters.