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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers / Boca Raton Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Boca Raton Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Given sufficient time and proper treatment, most personal injuries heal, at least for the most part. Severe spine injuries, however, seldom get noticeably better. Less serious spine injuries, like herniated discs and pinched nerves, usually don’t improve either, unless risky and radical surgery is successful. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the lifetime medical expenses in a serious spine injury case often exceed $5 million.

Spine injuries affect victims and their families for the long haul. The diligent Boca Raton spinal cord injury lawyers at Smith, Ball & Báez are also with victims for the long haul, but in a good way. Many lawyers look for an easy way out or a quick settlement. These offers are tempting, but they rarely, if ever, give victims the money they need and deserve. Since our team diligently builds a case from the ground up, we are well-positioned to stay in the fight and obtain maximum compensation for your serious injuries.

What Causes Spine Injuries?

The spine is not a single column. Instead, it’s a long and fragile chain of delicate vertebrae that are connected by sensitive nerves. Any sudden, jarring motion could knock the spine out of alignment. The misalignment causes painful, chronic injuries at best, and permanent paralysis at worst. Some common causes of spine injuries include:

  • Car Crashes: Few incidents cause more jarring motions than car crashes, even relatively low-speed car crashes. Seat belts, airbags, and other restraint systems are usually designed to prevent head injuries, leaving the spine completely exposed to great risk.
  • Slip and Falls: When victims fall and land hard, the effect is almost like hitting the spine with a hammer. The spine is so delicate that it cannot possibly withstand such force without sustaining at least some damage. When the spine is concerned, “some damage” nearly always means “permanent injury.”
  • Dog Bites: Animal attacks basically combine car crashes and falls, at least in terms of the impact on the spine. These victims often make sudden moves as they try to avoid onrushing vicious dogs. Alas, these evasive moves usually simply make spine injuries worse. Then, these dogs often knock these victims onto their backs.

As mentioned, the medical bills in these cases could exceed $5 million. Most group health insurance companies refuse to pay these costs, and most families cannot possibly afford to pay these bills out of pocket. So, our Boca Raton spinal cord injury lawyers connect victims with doctors who charge nothing upfront for their professional medical services. That way, victims get the treatment they need, instead of the treatment they’re able to afford.

How Do I Find the Right Boca Raton Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer?

Almost any attorney can handle a simple spine injury case. But these personal injury matters are never simple. They are hard to prove in court, especially when it comes to future medical expenses. Additionally, many intricate legal rules often apply in these cases. So, your attorney must have the right combination of:

  • Experience: Your lawyer should have trial experience in personal injury cases. You need to know that your lawyer is ready, willing, and able to go to the mat for you.
  • Dedication: Attorneys who dabble in a few spine injury cases on the side often lose heart when the going gets tough, and it almost always gets tough in these cases.
  • Accessibility: Spine injuries severely limit mobility. Every step requires great effort. So, victims shouldn’t have to take too many steps to meet with their lawyers.

Choose wisely, but choose quickly. Spine injury victims have a limited amount of time to act in Florida.

Reach Out to a Diligent Palm Beach County Spine Injury Lawyer

Injury victims are entitled to significant compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer in Boca Raton, contact Smith, Ball, Baez & Prather, Florida Injury Lawyers. We routinely handle matters throughout the Treasure Coast region.