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Florida Personal Injury Lawyers / Boca Raton Car Wreck Lawyer

Boca Raton Car Wreck Lawyer

A sudden and unexpected car crash usually begins a seemingly endless downward spiral. As victims struggle to recover from their physical injuries, they cannot work and medical bills start piling up. The anxiety over their current and future financial situations makes physical recovery harder, which increases their anxiety. On top of everything else, insurance company lawyers often call constantly, making settlement offers. The offer is tempting, but there’s simply no way to tell if it’s fair.

The hard-working Boca Raton car wreck lawyers at Smith, Ball & Báez reverse this downward spiral. We start by connecting victims with doctors who don’t charge anything upfront. This connection jumpstarts their recoveries and eases financial anxiety. Our team further eases anxiety and promotes physical healing by thoroughly evaluating your case, collecting evidence that supports your claims, this making the future a little brighter. Through it all, we deal with the insurance company and do most of the other heavy lifting, so victims can recover in peace.

Why Should I Partner with an Attorney?

For various reasons, many victims don’t want to “blame” someone else for an “accident.” That sentiment is understandable, but frankly, it’s simply wrong.

Civil claims do not blame anyone for anything. Criminal courts assign blame and punish offenders. Civil claims compensate victims.

Instead, civil claims compel people to take responsibility for their mistakes. We all make mistakes, and we should all accept the consequences of those mistakes. If Sam makes a mess in the living room, he should clean things up, with a mop and broom. If Sam causes a car crash, he should clean things up, by compensating victims.

This compensation usually includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering.

Incidentally, tortfeasors (negligent drivers) aren’t financially responsible for this compensation, at least in most cases. Generally, an insurance company is responsible for it. True, the company will probably raise the tortfeasor’s rates or cancel coverage. But that would have happened anyway.

Furthermore, although car crashes are usually unintentional, they aren’t “accidents.” People don’t accidentally drive drunk or run red lights and cause crashes. Such things are choices, and choices have consequences.

How Do I Choose the Right Boca Raton Car Wreck Lawyer?

Car crash claims usually involve complex legal theories and require specific kinds of evidence. Not just any lawyer can successfully resolve one of these claims. A lawyer should have the right combination of:

  • Accessibility: Recovering car crash victims often have issues getting from place to place. Your lawyer should have a nearby office and also be willing to meet with you virtually or over the phone.
  • Dedication: Many lawyers handle a few car crash cases on the side, mostly for friends and family. These lawyers often lack dedication to personal injury cases, so they often take the easy and quick way out.
  • Experience: Law schools teach students how to think like lawyers. But they usually don’t teach them how to act like lawyers. Only real-world experience does that. This real-world experience should include trial experience. Your lawyer must be ready, willing, and able to go the distance for you.

The aforementioned resolution is usually an out-of-court settlement. A carefully-negotiated settlement benefits victim/plaintiffs. Such a settlement avoids the cost and risk of trial. Settlements also end cases sooner, so victims can more quickly move on with their lives.

Reach Out to a Diligent Palm Beach County Car Wreck Lawyer

Injury victims are entitled to significant compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced car wreck lawyer in Boca Raton, contact Smith, Ball, Baez & Prather, Florida Injury Lawyers. The sooner you reach out to us, the sooner we start fighting for you.