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Bikes on Sidewalks

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Video Transcript

You may have noticed that during this COVID-19 outbreak when there is so little to do, a lot more people are out walking, running, biking, or just simply taking a drive around town. There is a lot more competition for space on the roadways and sidewalks, which is why asked personal injury attorney Scott Smith if riding a bike on a sidewalk is legal.

Scott says there are prohibitions in some high-traffic areas, but most of the time, you can ride your bicycle on the sidewalk. But just like one that operates a motor vehicle that has duties and responsibilities in driving their car, so do you as a bicyclist on a sidewalk have a responsibility to ensure that you’re looking out for motor vehicles, pedestrians, and others that may be using the sidewalk.

So, whether you are on two wheels or four, you need to pay attention to what’s going on around you. And if you are on the sidewalk and hit by a careless bicyclist or riding a bike and struck by a distracted driver, call Scott Smith today.

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