Can a Passenger Sue?

When you are behind the wheel and someone else’s reckless behavior causes an accident, you probably already know you have legal grounds to sue, but what if you are not the driver? Suppose you are just along for the ride and there’s a crash, that answer may not be as clear. So we asked South Florida personal injury attorney, Scott Smith, if you’re the passenger in a car, and the driver is negligent, causing an accident, can you sue?

Yes, you can bring a claim against the driver of a vehicle you are the passenger in if that person was negligent or failed to use reasonable care in the operation of the motor vehicle, just like you could bring a claim against the driver of another motor vehicle that you weren’t a passenger in.

So if you are a passenger in a motor vehicle, and the driver’s negligence causes a crash, call personal injury attorney, Scott Smith, today at (561) 500-4357.