Parties Other Than the At-Fault Driver

Are There Parties Other Than the At-Fault Driver Against Whom I Can Take Legal Action in a Florida Auto Accident Case?

Yes. In addition to being able to bring a claim against the at fault driver, you can also bring a claim against the owner of the motor vehicle that allowed the driver to drive their vehicle. Thereafter, if the person or owner of the vehicle is uninsured or underinsured, you can then look at your own insurance policy to see if you have what we call UM coverage or underinsured motorist coverage.

After that, we also look at alternative sources of recovery. For example, was the crash caused by someone that was under the influence of alcohol? Was that person under age so that they shouldn’t have been served alcohol by a bar or a restaurant or a hotel or some other person or entity? Was there a view obstruction, a large tree, a large bush that obstructed someone’s view at an intersection that contributed to or caused the crash?

And then lastly, we always look to see if there’s any potential product liability case against the manufacturer of the motor vehicle, the tires on the vehicle, or any other component of the vehicle to see if in fact there is a defective product that caused or contributed to your injuries.