The Most Dangerous Intersections in Palm Beach County

Once people visit Florida, they never want to leave. Florida deserves its reputation as an easy place to live and to drive.  Unlike in many other states, most of Florida is completely free from hills; with the flat terrain, it is easy to see another car slowing down, turning, or pulling onto the road ahead of you.  Even better, most of Palm Beach County’s roads follow a grid pattern that increases visibility.  In Palm Beach County, you never have to worry about snow, ice, and sludge on the roads.  Parking lots are so plentiful that one rarely has to parallel park, not even on the DMV’s road test, so the fender benders to which all but the most skilled parallel parkers are prone are rare.  Still, several locations in Palm Beach County account for unusually high numbers of accidents.  If you have been injured in a car accident in Palm Beach County, contact a Palm Beach car accident injury lawyer.

Where Do the Most Car Accidents Occur in Palm Beach County?

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles publishes annual reports on the number and specific details of car accidents in Florida.  It records the locations of the crashes, the incidence of injuries and fatalities, and demographic data on the drivers.  The 2015 annual report identified the following locations in Palm Beach County as the most dangerous:

  • Okeechobee Boulevard and State Road 7 – 140 accidents happened at this intersection in 2014 and more than 160 in 2013.
  • Southern Boulevard and State Road 7 – This high traffic area, with shopping centers on every side of the intersection, accounted for 120 accidents in 2014.
  • Military Trail and Forest Hill Boulevard – 114 accidents happened here in 2014. It was once ranked the most dangerous intersection in the county, but the increase of development in western Palm Beach County in recent years has spread out the traffic congestion, as well as the accidents.
  • Atlantic Avenue and Congress Avenue – This intersection was the site of 105 accidents in 2014, mostly drivers on their way to or from nearby I-95 during the morning commute.
  • Forest Hill Boulevard and State Road 7 – Heavy traffic at this intersection, where 90 accidents happened in 2014, is mostly because of its proximity to several shopping centers and to the Wellington Regional Medical Center.
  • Lake Victoria Gardens Avenue and PGA Boulevard – This intersection in upscale Palm Beach Gardens was the site of 87 accidents in 2014.
  • Palmetto Park Boulevard and Powerline Road – This intersection, near the border with Broward County, witnessed 80 accidents in 2014.

According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, speeding and running red lights are major causes of accidents at these intersections.

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